Adopting a puppy is an exciting experience, but all this excitement should never get in the way of ensuring their needs are covered, this is why FiverPet reminds you of a puppy’s care essentials, in our Article and what are a puppy’s basic needs.

1-Bed and blankets

Bed and blankets

Just before they arrive home, you should buy a comfortable bed for them, as well as blankets for when it’s cold, the bed must be suitable for their size and it’s advisable that it be soft, you will also need to locate the bed in a quiet space, but which doesn’t exclude them completely from family life, they also need to be away from drafts.

2-Food and Water Bowls

Food and Water Bowls

Although various eating dispensers are available, avoid ones made from plastic as they are less hygienic, they should be suitable for the size of the puppy and placed in a way they can eat from them easily, water bowls are helpful, but you can also find water fountains which encourage hydration, especially in hot climates.



Play is a fundamental activity for the well-being health and development of the puppy, when they are young they also tend to bite due to the pain of their milk teeth being lost, for this reason having teething toys that help redirect this behavior towards suitable accessories, is essential if we want to prevent damage to the home and ourselves.

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4-Identification tag

Identification tag

Identifying your puppy is crucial to their safety, one of the first things you should do is order an id tag with their name your phone number and any emergency info, if they become lost during a walk the person who finds them should be able to return them easily, we also recommend microchipping your dog for the same purpose.

5-Leash with collar or harness

Leash with collar or harness

Using a harness is generally recommended over collars, this is because they are safer for most dogs, and prevent damage to their neck if the dog tries to pull away, for the leash, it’s best to choose one between one and three meters in length, ideally it should be adjustable as this can help us give the puppy more freedom when they need it, remember you can only take a puppy outside after they are properly vaccinated.

6-Hygiene accessories

Hygiene accessories

Although you should wait for your puppy to have their vaccinations before bathing for the first time, it doesn’t hurt to acquire the necessary accessories to give them a bath when they need it, you can buy puppy dog wipes in the meantime, remember that you should always choose products specific for dogs.

7-Carrier for dogs

Carrier for dogs

The carrier is a basic accessory to carry our dogs by car can, also be helpful for veterinary visits when they are especially ill, these items should be chosen with the size of the dog in mind, ideally they should be able to stand up and roll over when inside, as well as lie down comfortably.

8-Puppy education

Puppy education

Education is crucial if we want to avoid unwanted situations or behaviors, training helps them to understand how they should behave, and it improves communication while strengthening our bond in the process, basic puppy education should begin at an early age and can be done yourself or with the advice of a dog trainer.



Puppy’s socialization begins around three weeks of age and ends around three months, it’s a process in which the dog learns to relate to all kinds of animals people and environments, if we don’t socialize them correctly we will see how they don’t know how to behave around others, they may show fear aggressiveness and other behavioral problems, it’s essential that a puppy explores fully to prevent these problems.



love affection and respect are the pillars on which the relationship with your dog must be sustained, remember that adopting a dog is a commitment that can require between 12 and 16 years of your life, you must be willing to fulfill your obligations and provide the comforts the dog requires, in return they will reward you with love protection companionship and loyalty.


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