The orange coat color is one of the most common that can present in cats not a breed in itself but a coat color you can find in many different Orange cat breeds our top 10 of which you can find in this new FiverPets Article.

1-Persian cat

The Persian is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world, they originate from the middle east and are characterized by their abundant coat of long hair, they can have almost any coat color or pattern including orange.

2-American Bobtail

American bobtail breed selection of the American bulb began in the mid-20th century, from a short-tailed cat discovered in Arizona, this developed into both short and long hair versions which can be of varying colors, but tabby orange patterns are some of the most common.


So-called because they closely resemble a toy-sized tiger, they are one of the rarest orange cat breeds, they were only developed in the late 20th century in California, but they are growing in popularity, they all have a striped tabby pattern with rounded stripes on an orange base.

4-Maine Coon

Main this cat stands out for its enormous size and striking coat, they originated on farms in the state of Maine as a working cat, and is currently the official breed of the united states, Maine has a long and abundant coat which can have a variety of patterns and colors, the orange tabby is quite common and distinctive.

5-Oriental Shorthair

This feline was developed in England in the middle of the last century, they have siamese crossings leading them to become elegant elongated and stylized cats, however, they differ greatly due to their great variety of colors, orange tones with various patterns are common such as tabby tortoiseshell and calico.

6-Exotic shorthair

originally from the united states, the Exotic shorthair breed is a cross of the Persian cat with other cat breeds resulting in a robust cat with a rounded face, their fur is shorter and denser than the Persian, tabby cats are perhaps the most common, but ginger tabby cook patterns are also well known.


This is the most ancient breed of cat, they were domesticated in ancient Mesopotamia from the African wildcat, they later arrived in Europe after traveling on merchant ships of the time, they are characterized by their enormous genetic variability, so many different colors and patterns can appear among them is the orange tabby pattern.


A natural mutation has given this cat a very particular short, and stubby presence in the 20th century, some American breeders decided to select and breed a series of short-legged cats, giving rise to the munchkin, however, they retain an enormous coat variability many of which are orange.


This breed comes from the European cats that travel to the isle of man probably with some British sailors, in the 18th century a dominant mutation emerged that caused them to lose their tails, due to isolation this mutation spread throughout the island’s populations, they are very versatile cats but the orange variety is one of the most common.

10-Mixed breed cat

The mixed-breed cat is not a breed in and of itself, but they are the most common in the world, these cats reproduce at will according to their natural instinct, for this reason, they can present in the widest range of coat colors and patterns the orange tabby pattern, is one of the most frequent in strays.


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