There’s probably not a single animal lover who doesn’t like cats. These creatures contain grace and grace, waywardness and kindness, affection and a mystical spirit.

The cat is changeable as spring weather: only she gently purred and rubbed against her leg, and after a second she releases her claws or proudly moves away. That’s probably why we love them. After all, it is impossible to predict what the purr will do in the next moment. And solving mysteries is so attractive to a person!

If someone has a cat in the house, then her personality necessarily becomes the subject of discussion in friendly conversations. Cat owners can spend hours talking about the merits and demerits of pets. And of course about what is the most beautiful breed of domestic cats in the world. Undoubtedly, all cats are beautiful, but they, like people, have their own “races”.

Let’s take a look at our ranking of beautiful purebred cats!

Abyssinian cat

This is one of the most ancient breeds, which appeared either in Ethiopia or Egypt. Currently, there are two directions of Abyssinians: American and European. The difference is that the European branch looks somewhat heavier than the American one.

The Abyssinian cat resembles a cougar in color: a brownish-sandy wild color, a light coat and black arrows near the eyes that can touch any cat lover. The Abyssinian hair itself is also remarkable: it shimmers very beautifully, and all because of the peculiarity of the color of the hairs, which is called ticking.

The Abyssinian cat is characterized by increased activity. She cares about everything, she needs to know what is happening in the house and in what mood the owner is. At the same time, cats rarely release their claws during play and adequately accept children.

The nightmare of all owners is the upholstered furniture, but the Abyssinians also distinguished themselves here! If contact and trust are established with the animal, you can forget about such troubles.

The only thing is not to leave fragile breakable objects unattended and close the windows with a net to avoid unforeseen situations. However, this applies not only to beautiful Abyssinians but also to all cats.

American Shorthair

The breed originated as early as the 16th century and at first, was an unremarkable rat catcher. Long selection has done its job, and now we can see one of the most beautiful cats on the planet.

These purrs have a balanced psyche and good health. They are somewhat imposing and unhurried. But this does not mean that the pet can not treat the owner to a grasshopper or a fly, or even a mouse. So the cat takes care of the members of the pack, and you are undoubtedly one of them! Therefore, it is impossible to scold the animal in any case. This will baffle him and you may lose trust.

Surprisingly, these mustachioed people know when to play, and when it is better to go about their business. He does not impose his communication, preferring to observe what is happening from afar, occasionally condescending and jumping to his knees. Therefore, if you are a busy person, you will not find a better than an American!

The American Shorthair will easily get along with a dog, but there is no need to tease its instincts with something like a bird or a chinchilla. Although these cats do not like to sit on their hands and are taciturn, they are kind to children and can learn the basics of training.

Interestingly, the cat from the advertisement has the most popular color (silver marble), but in fact, there are several dozen of them!


The Turkish Angora is a beautiful white cat with blue eyes. Its coat flows like threads of silk. Watching this animal is a real aesthetic pleasure!

This breed also belongs to a number of ancient and it appeared, as it is clear from the name of the breed, on the site of modern Turkey. It was Angorka that became the national treasure of the country.

Angora has amazing intelligence. It’s very observant, so if you hide something from it, have no doubt that the cat will persistently look for the missing. In this, it can be compared to a bloodhound following the trail.

The Angora cat is not shy, so at the sight of guests it will not frantically huddle under the sofa, but gracefully go out to see what happened in this world and why it is not aware of the situation.

If you do not like noise, then angora will suit you like no other. They practically do not meow. Of course, there are exceptions to any rule, but most angoras are silent.

The color of the Angora cat can be both pure white and blue, black, red and cream. It just so happens that people prefer white wool, but in fact, the angora can be different.

And the eyes! With this pair of sapphires, you can give the whole world away! But even here there may be exceptions. Cats come with both blue and yellow eyes. But individuals whose eye color is different are valued more. And it happens that multi-eyed males are born deaf.

Bengal cat

Bengals are a very young breed of beautiful cats, bred in the United States by crossing wild Asian and purebred individuals. The purpose of breeding was to create a breed that would have a clear leopard color, coupled with an affectionate “domestic” character. And I must say, breeders were very successful in their endeavors.

A Bengal cat can only be wild if it belongs to the first three generations of hybrids. But at the moment it is unlikely, especially if you purchase a kitten in serious kennels.

The character of the Bengal cat is balanced and moderately inquisitive. To raise a social animal, you need to constantly contact it from the first days of its birth.

Since the ancestors of Bengals are wild cats, their hunting instincts are extremely strong. Everything that they consider their prey, in fact, it will turn out to be. Birds, rodents, and insects are potential objects for hunting. And even aquarium inhabitants! Do not forget that Asian cats are not afraid of water, so they will gladly catch some unhurried axolotl from the acqua.

The Bengal cat will not harass you with its attention. Ancestral genes from the jungle cause cats to stay independent of humans. If you yourself take a Bengal in your arms, then most likely he will immediately leave. It is better to wait until the cat has the appropriate mood and it comes by itself.

At the same time, the Bengals do not lack energy and vitality. With a cat, you need to engage, play and entertain it. If there is no release of energy, she can start tearing furniture, wallpaper and the like.

The colors of Bengals are different: from chocolate to blue, but in all cases, the requirement for the breed is a sharp contrast between the main color and pattern. And the coat of cats is characterized by an unusual shimmer, which is due to the uneven color of the hairs.

The Bengal, like all oriental cats, is very talkative. Her arsenal consists of many sounds from meowing to croaking, and soon you will understand what your beauty wants to say.

Burmese cat

Burma is an ancient breed that originated in the territory of modern Myanmar. No one knows in what century and even more so in what year it happened, but it was officially registered only in the 20s of the last century.

The Burmese cat lived in monasteries and protected Buddhist monks from evil spirits and was a guide to the other world. It was believed that if after death a monk for some reason did not fall into the afterlife, he returned to our world in the form of a cat.

Sacred Burma is a cat of exceptional intelligence. She listens to all the words of the owner very carefully and it seems that she analyzes what is said. At the same time, the character of Burma can not be called either too playful or too phlegmatic. This cat has found a middle ground!

Kind and affectionate, but at the same time very persistent, Burma will achieve its goals at all costs. That is, if the cat wants something, it is easier to give it to her, otherwise they will take everything themselves.

By the way, unlike many breeds, Burma likes to be on the lap of the owner. And you yourself can plant it to yourself, and it will gladly curl up in a ball, and its gentle purr has a calming effect on the nervous system.

The Burmese cat is quite independent and prone to mood swings. If you punish a shaky animal too severely, it can be seriously offended, up to the rejection of the offender.

Burma easily gets along with other animals and just as easily tolerates separation from the owner. But at the same time, she is not alien to a sense of ownership, and if you pay more attention to another pet, the cat may even become jealous, which is expressed in inadequate behavior.

Bombay Cat

No, the breed was not bred in India, if you think about it. The Bombay cat is the result of the efforts of a breeder from America, who wanted to create a breed similar to a black leopard (aka panther). As a result of crossing the sable Burmese and the short-haired American black color, this black satin miracle with copper or green predatory eyes appeared.

However, the appearance remained only a shell: in fact, Bombay is a cat with an affectionate character, who inherited only the best features from both breeds. She treats small children and other pets with the same friendliness.

Bombay abhors loneliness. Whatever you do, the cat will follow you everywhere. Doing the cleaning? – Great, let’s see how well the dust is wiped off! Cooking dinner? – And what dish is on the menu today? Do I have a piece?

The black Bombay cat usually does not single out a beloved owner in the family and treats everyone with an equal share of adoration. It loves to play, but at the same time, at any opportunity, it will gladly curl up on your lap.

British Cat

The British cat is an ancient breed that received recognition only in the 19th century. And until then it was an ordinary pied piper, living side by side with peasants.

The British cat is a beautiful, tightly wound, but balanced animal with fur that feels like a plush. Those who understand felines a little bit will never confuse a British woman with another breed. But that’s about the short-haired species. There is also a long-haired British cat, in the origin of which Persians are suspected, but this is not accurate)

The British cat has a special smile, which made him the prototype of the famous Cheshire cat from the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”. It is with such a detached face that the life of a cat passes: it is very independent, does not like to be squeezed and without much enthusiasm allows you to take yourself in your arms.

But at the same time, the British are undemanding either in leaving or in communication. That is, of course, the cat will definitely control where you went, but will not worry much if you go to visit. She will simply sleep or contemplate the outside world, comfortably sitting on the windowsill.

A characteristic feature of the British is that being kittens, they are full of strength and energy, but with the onset of maturity they become couch potatoes who have “known life”.


Burmilla is a beautiful, good-natured cat that appeared as a result of crossing Persian chinchillas and a Burmese cat. A distinctive feature of the breed is a silver coat. This is a rather rare, and therefore expensive cat.

From the Persians, Burmilla took a calm domestic character, and from the Burma – talkativeness and dog devotion. The result is a cat that will willingly sit on your lap while commenting on everything that is happening around you.

Burmilla will gladly take part in children’s games, but she will do it very carefully so as not to harm anyone. And with the same enthusiasm will meet guests next to you.

Caracal Cat

The history of Marquette is amazing, as is nature itself. In the Canada zoo, a wild caracal accidentally crossed with an ordinary cat. A boy was born who looked like a caracal, but he was infertile since all hybrids up to the 5th generation cannot reproduce.

Further, the withdrawal of a new breed was carried out by both Russian and foreign breeders. To date, it has been possible to get three generations of kittens, and the breed can be recognized only from the fourth. Caracals are crossed with Abyssinians, Orientals, Bengal cats and Serengeti.

caracals is a beautiful cat, outwardly very similar to a caracal, but at the same time, it has a balanced psyche. You can play with it, and scratch behind the ear, but it shows distrust of strangers, although it does not attack.

Since the wild genes in caracal are strong, the coexistence of a cat with other animals can end in tears: a mustachioed muzzle will necessarily determine the opponent in the rank of prey. And if we also take into account the frail dimensions of the cat, then any living creature living in the house can become prey.

In any case, the development of the breed continues, and this is already a direct competitor to the well-known savannah.


Cymric is a cat native to the Isle of Man. The formation of individuals as a breed began in the middle of the last century when Canadian breeders drew attention to these fluffy bear cubs.

The Cymric has incredibly powerful hind legs, so he does not bother to walk or run. He loves to move around by jumping! And by the way, he loves water. If you accustom him to procedures from childhood, the cat will gladly swim. Maybe this is due to the fact that the homeland of cats is an island?

Cymric is endowed with strange habits. He will definitely bury a toy somewhere, and if he notices where the food lies, he can easily learn to open the doors.

The balanced psyche of the Cymric allows him to easily find a common language with both children and other pets.

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a highly intelligent and very mobile cat. The level of its restlessness can only be assessed by the same owner, who cannot sit in one place for a minute.

The Cornish Rex is very dependent on the host. The cat will follow you literally on your heels, and this can strain the owners, always busy with something. But the mustachioed will gladly climb into the most inaccessible corner or jump on the highest cabinet and from there will watch everything that happens in his possessions. The cat will not deprive the cat of attention and the lace that fell out of the sneaker from the windowsill of the sparrow-onlooker.

The alien appearance of the Rex does not fit in with their character. They are in love with their owners without memory! Although they are reluctant to communicate with children and are wary of strangers. But if the owner suddenly disappears for a long time – you can’t think of a worse punishment. The cat will be bored, and all the accumulated energy will spill into the surrounding space: whether it is a chair or a pot with a flower.

The soft curly coat of the cornish is recognized as hypoallergenic, and this makes it possible to get a cat for people with sensitive immunity. Rex practically has no genetic diseases, they are undemanding in care, which once again confirms: better and more beautiful cats can not be found all over the world!


If you like dachshunds, but for some reason, you can’t get a dog – get a munchkin! The short legs of this cat appeared as a result of a natural mutation, so with all the funny appearance, the animal has excellent health.

Both the appearance and character of the munchkin can be completely different. But the whole breed has one thing in common: a love of outdoor games. Yes, yes, even despite the short legs! This cat can easily steal something delicious from the table (of course, having previously climbed a chair), so the features of the pet’s skeleton should not mislead you.

This is one of the few cat breeds that love children and willingly play with them. Among other things, the Munchkin likes to make curtains, which is desirable to identify in time, since everything missing can be there.

And you will be amused by the ability of cats to sit on their hind legs for a long time. At the same time, they sweetly hang the front ones on the chest and in this position observe the surroundings.


This very beautiful cat hardly needs an introduction. Maine is an Aboriginal American breed with a serious expression of “face”. Those who are not familiar with the breed may think that the cat is eternally evil or dissatisfied with something. And if you take into account the rather large size of the cat, it may seem that it is better to stay away from such an individual.

In fact, Maine is kindness itself. Cats have a sharp minds and this helps them to unmistakably determine the vibrations of the owner and decide whether to approach him at the moment, or whether it is better to go remind the pigeons of themselves.

Kuns is distinguished by a thick long coat, which they acquired in the process of evolution and life in the northern latitude. The coat looks especially beautiful on the collar, and the tail becomes the subject of special attention. However, oddly enough, practically do not need to be combed: their hair does not fall off. No less graceful look and tassels on the ears, making the cat look like a lynx.

A Maine is a cat that doesn’t walk on its own. From the whole family, she will definitely choose her favorite owner and stick tightly to him. At the same time, the cat with obvious reluctance will allow himself to be picked up or sat on his lap. Such a giant is better off sitting next to the owner, isn’t it?

But the attitude towards strangers is amazing. The cat just doesn’t notice them. For her, they kind of don’t exist. You need to give the time to get used to the invasion, and then an uninvited guest can stroke this American wonder.

And as for entertainment, here you get yourself an elephant in a china shop. The size of the cat allows it to easily knock off everything that comes across it on the way. A stomp from the paws can be compared with the stomping of a child. And are not indifferent to water. Therefore, either close the door to the bathroom or arrange the property so that it cannot be harmed by cat attractions.

But there is a good counterbalance to all these disasters: love to sleep during the day, and after the onset of maturity, cat laziness rolls on them at all. Therefore, a frisky and mobile is young. And after the age of five, your fidget will turn into a chic sofa cat (however, there are always exceptions to any rule).

Mekong Bobtail

The Mekong Bobtail is a guest from Asia with a color-point color. The cat is very similar to the Thai one with one difference: it does not have a tail. Otherwise, the mustachioed-tailless ones are very similar to the Talks: they have the same speech apparatus and their habits sometimes resemble those of a dog.

Carrying something in your teeth is a favorite Mekong activity. A cat can even be taught to bring an abandoned toy. A lazy owner definitely needs a bobtail!

The Mekong bobtail easily gets along with other animals like cats or dogs. But for rodents, birds and aquarium fish will definitely open a hunt “to the victorious”. Scolding an animal in case of anything, as you understand, is not only useless but also undesirable. After all, the cat is just obeying its instincts.

The Mekong gets along well with children and does not particularly distinguish any of the owners as favorites. Asian restraint does not allow them to rush into the arms of aspirations, but they love to be talked to. Therefore, this cat is most likely not suitable for silent people.

Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian Forest is a large, beautiful cat, native, as the name implies, from the country of Suomi. The animal seems larger than it is due to its luxurious coat.

The character of the Norwegians is persistent, and Nordic. They do not get involved in squabbles in vain, and rarely show emotions, but they look at the outside world quite friendly. They retain playfulness until very old age and, on occasion, willingly run after the toy.

The Norwegian cat is poorly adapted to living in an apartment: its hunting instincts are too strong. It will be much more convenient for her to live in a private house, where she will be able to regulate her own schedule: when to go hunting, and when to fall into a secluded corner and take a sweet nap.

Of course, this does not mean that it is impossible to start it in an apartment. But you will need to accustom the purr to the harness and regularly walk it. Yes, this is not at all about what is on the “free bread”, but at least there will be some sense of freedom.

Cats are unfair to us humans. If your Norwegian does not want to communicate, you may not see it for a day. But if you are her beloved owner and allow yourself to disappear from her field of vision – get a cat reprimand, do not even doubt! And all this is due to the deep sympathy of the Norwegian, who, nevertheless, retains northern independence.

Oriental Cat

The Oriental cat is a beautiful animal with a slender body, huge ears and an extraordinary profile with a hump. They are the closest relatives of Siamese, and the character went rather into a dog.

Oriental is a typical owner. He follows the owner everywhere, occasionally giving voice signals. And their speech is perfectly developed. There are so many intonations in their rumbling, meowing and just sounds that sometimes you wonder how the have not yet spoken.

Since the owner is the property of the Oriental, the cat will gladly lie on your lap, but after half an hour it will definitely climb on some kind of cabinet, which will be an excellent starting point for further movements. There are also such incidents as broken dishes and simply discarded things. Therefore, either hide all your favorite inanimate things in advance or do not start an oriental.

With an oriental cat you need to play, and a lot to play! If you are a busy person in your way of life, it is better to buy her some interactive toy and preferably not one. Since Asian women are distinguished by high intelligence, monotony will very soon get bored and the cat will go in search of other objects.

Persian cat

The Persian cat is a beautiful aristocrat who has lived side by side with a man for several centuries. Selection has done its job, and the Persian is a purely domestic animal that cannot survive outside of its favorite sofa.

The Persian cat is very attached to the owner, but at the same time has its own opinion and will not allow itself to be stroked if it is not in the mood. At the same time, you will not have any stained curtains or furniture, nor dropped vases. However, the Persians should not be offended. They are more self-sufficient than other cats, and, holding a grudge, they may well do in slippers.

The imposing nature of the Persian cat became the talk of the town. It’s rare to see an adult Persian chasing a toy. Most likely, the cat will lie down somewhere from where a good view opens, slightly moving its luxurious tail.

Speaking of wool. The coat of the Persians is unusual, soft and flowing. Its structure is such that without care, barbs are formed, which can only be cut, but not combed. Therefore, combing the fur coat is your daily concern.

The inactivity and good appetite of the Persian cat often end in obesity. She so sincerely begs for another piece of something that it is simply impossible to refuse. But you have to step on the throat of your kindness and think about the health of your pet.

Russian Blue Cat

The Russian blue cat has a beautiful plush silver-blue coat and a mesmerizing eye look the color of young foliage. Both in appearance and in character, this is a real lady, whose intelligence can be envied by any breed.

They love tenderness and at first approximation, we can say that Russian blues are very dependent on a person. But that’s not really the case. Yes, with the owners, the cat is the tenderness itself, but at the sight of a stranger on the threshold of the house, the murk will most likely prefer to disappear.

Russian blue gets along well with any other pets. Of course, if they do not provoke her to escape or hunt. And children are also accepted evenly and calmly.

These cats are irreconcilable hunters, and in the conditions of a city apartment, they very carefully observe whether any prey will appear in their field of vision. And the Russian blue jumps in height no worse than Sergey Bubka, so do everything so that your pet does not fly out the window and is not crippled.


you just take this cat in your arms, as it will immediately relax and seem to soften. And if you consider that this Cat is one of the largest, then it is impossible to restrain emotion, seeing how this giantess is entirely in your power)

Ragdoll is a very meek cat with beautiful sky-blue eyes. Their character is so soft that at the slightest unnerving they simply hide. So if you have an overly emotional lifestyle, do not start this breed.

The master of ragdoll is the center of his universe. But he also doesn’t mind other family members. The cat likes to be stroked, scratched behind the ear and talked, and in return will give an incomparable look of loving blue eyes and a quiet “meow”.

Ragdoll is very tolerant of children. No matter how it is twisted, the claws and teeth will never go into action. The cat will simply submit to fate and will courageously endure all the tests. The same with other animals: ragdoll is able to make friends even with rodents and birds.

This breed absolutely does not tolerate loneliness. The presence of the owner nearby is the meaning of the cat’s existence. Therefore, it can not be left alone for a long time, and it is better, if possible, just take it with you.

Cat Savannah

Savannah is the most expensive pet, and this is quite justified because not everyone can have the largest domestic cat of cheetah color in the house. Savannah is a hybrid of a serval and a Bengal cat and the closer the kitten is to the serval dad, the more expensive it is.

Despite its predatory appearance, the savannah is a human-oriented cat, but at the same time very inquisitive and mobile. It is unlikely to fit the standard meters in which most of us live. This animal needs space and space to run well.

From the wild ancestor in the savannah remained a craving for dominance, but this is quite successfully nullified by castration. But even in this case, if there are small children in the family, it is better to take a kitten starting from the third generation.

Savannah is an unusual cat. It requires respect, and if it cannot be given, then a situation with the defeated property of a negligent owner is quite possible. And do not leave the little cheetah alone, he really does not like loneliness.

Savannah will gladly make friends with a dog, but other animals will most likely be considered as prey. First-generation cats are intolerant of strangers, so growling and hissing are the order of the day. However, with each generation, this aggressiveness gradually fades away, although it cannot be said that it disappears altogether.

Savannah needs a lot of walking, so getting used to the harness is a paramount task. It is also necessary to take into account that the owner will have to put up with some features of the cat’s character and constantly negotiate with it.

Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex is a cat with a beautiful curly coat, soft and plush to the touch. The breed appeared due to a mutation in an ordinary cat, whose coat took on a funny curly texture as if it had been wound on papillotes.

There are two types of Selkirk: curly and straight hair. All kittens can be born curly, and it is very simple to distinguish with curls: they also have twisted vibrissae.

Selkirk is very attached to the owner and is absolutely not afraid of strangers. He is in great need of communication, very affectionate and seems to understand everything. And even in an unfamiliar environment, the cat does not feel embarrassed. So this is a great breed for exhibitions!

Since the cat has a thick coat, it must be combed. In addition, kittens during the formation of a fur coat should be given vitamins.

This is a relatively young breed that is at the stage of formation.

Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is an Asian beauty with expressive turquoise eyes. Its homeland is Thailand, where it was considered sacred and could belong only to high-ranking officials of the state.

The classic color of cats is the color point: a dark muzzle, legs and tail against the background of a light body. Points can have a different colors from deep chocolate to cream.

Siamese is also called “cat-dog”, as their attachment to the owner knows no boundaries. To the point that the cat can be jealous of other animals, making their existence not very cloudless.

There is an opinion that the Siamese cat is evil, aggressive and vindictive animal. But not everything is so unambiguous. It’s just that this is a rather demanding breed, which, not getting what it wants, thus expresses its protest.

It is undesirable for families with small children to have a Siamese cat, since a small child cannot explain the boundaries of blue blood allowed in relation to the animal. The result will be injuries caused by claws and a damaged psyche of the cat.

Siamese needs communication like air. But the owner is required not only to stroke the murky cat, but he must also answer all of her “questions” and “comments”, and there will be a lot of them! The Siamese cat has a loud voice with many intonations, and for each event there are certain “oratory”, which an attentive person will begin to distinguish very soon.

Siamese people are very sensitive to intonations, raising their voice for no reason is recommended. Otherwise, the parable of the “evil aggressive cat” will become a reality. Since for a Siamese family is everything, she will easily accompany you wherever you want to take her with you and even without problems will endure the move, since for her the house is not a box with four walls, but the soul of a person.

Siberian cat

The Siberian cat is one of the most popular breeds in our country. It is a very beautiful cat with a luxurious coat, a balanced disposition and an indescribable sense of self-esteem.

The formation of the breed began in 1980, and representatives from different parts of Russia were used to breed the purebred Siberian cat. They differed in both the size and texture of the coat. And the unusual color-point color of the Siberians was even taken out by some teleological organizations in a separate breed – the Neva masquerade.

Siberian cat fur is a topic for a separate discussion. It is very dense, with a water-repellent effect. In summer the cat may look a bit fuzzy due to the fact that its body reconstructs itself for the warm period. But in winter the Siberian cat’s outfit shows up in all its glory. In winter the Siberian cat shows up in all its glory, with a splendid collar on her neck, flowing hair along her body to her belly, fluffy pants on her feet, and a magnificent fluffy tail to top it all off.

The nature of the Siberian cat will suit people who do not require much attention from pets. Yes, this cat is playful, but in moderation. Sometimes she has some business of her own, and at this point, it is better not to disturb her. If she wants – she will come by herself and purr in her own language to be paid attention.

Siberian cat is an equal partners with other animals, of course, if they do not show aggression toward them. It is desirable to limit contact with small children and even to breed this breed when the child will be at least 6-7 years old.

Singapore cat

The Singapore cat is a beautiful, petite and graceful animal. It is distinguished from all breeds by its huge eyes, which give it a doll-like appearance.

Singapore cat can safely be called one of the rarest cats in Russia and Europe. Somehow, its country of habitat is North America. It is the lightest of all cat breeds: the Singapore cat weighs no more than three kilograms.

Singaporeans are incredibly curious creatures. They need to control your every action and look into every corner, and at the same time, they are very in contact with cats. They are also called companions.

Ideally, the Singapore cat will live in a large family where everyone can pay attention to it and the murk will not feel lonely. Or if the owner is alone, he should spend most of his time at home.

Singapore does not have any health problems, but its lack of undercoats means it can catch cold. Keep her safe from draughts.

Snowshoe cat

This cat has white socks on the bottom of its paws, which really look like slippers against the dark main background.

The breed emerged when normal Siamese kittens were born with these abnormalities. They interested the breeder so much that she began to develop the breed further. Peculiarities of the snow-shoe breed are such that even when two cats mate, the kittens do not always meet the standard. Therefore, a perfect “slipper” is a big success.

Snow Shoe is the perfect cat for the family. They are very kind, understanding, cruelty-free and sociable. They are alien to feline independence and are always ready to share their time with their owner. They take great pleasure in playing with children and will never scratch or God forbid, bite them.

Snowshoes are so understanding that they easily remember what they can and cannot do. And you won’t have to repeat it twice. They are talkative but do not shout like mammoths, and their voice has many intonations inherited from the Siamese.

Snowshoes can easily be taught to bring a toy, these cats love to play in general. Interactive toys that will entertain the kitty while the owner is busy doing his business will be a good help.

In my mind, a snowshoe is the most beautiful and the most perfect cat. It’s a pity that they are quite difficult to find here.

Somali cat

The Somali is a very beautiful fox-like cat with long hair and a tic-tinged color. Somali was born from a litter of regular Abyssinian cats and at first long-haired kittens were ignored and rejected. It wasn’t until the 60s of the 20th century that these cats started getting attention.

Since the Somali cat is descended from the Abyssinian cat, the Murk took from it playfulness, vigor, good-naturedness and sociability. These cats need companionship, they should not be left alone.

Somalis can make a toy out of literally anything they can get their hands on. Whether it’s wrapping paper, a pen, or just a little something left unattended, it will all land on the floor and chase around the house. So don’t leave valuables within reach of the Somali.

Sphynx cat

Sphynx is that cat breed, which is impossible to pass by indifferently. There are several Sphynx varieties: the Peterbald, the Don, and the Canadian. And we will talk about the last one.

Despite their hairless and somewhat otherworldly appearance, the Canadian Sphynx is the kindest creature in the world. These cats follow their owners like ponytails, and since nothing keeps them warm, the owner is an excellent warming pad for them!

Canadians are very affectionate, so long separations can take a toll on their psyche, even if you entrust friends or relatives to look after your pet.

Sphinxes are social animals by nature and easily adapt to a large number of people. If you have a large family, there is no better gift for this cat. Each family member will be given attention and each purr will communicate with each other.

Since a sphynx has no fur, special attention needs to be paid to the care of the cat. Wiping the cat’s eyes, ears and body will be your weekly concern. Canadians must be protected not only from the cold by wearing a warm suit, but also from direct sunlight, as their delicate skin is in no way protected from ultraviolet rays.

Thai cat

The Thai cat is also called an Old Siamese cat. And some teleological organizations do not recognize any difference between the Thais and Siamese. In fact, it is the Thai cat that is the ancestor of the Siamese breed.

Mentions of Thais can be found in 14th-century manuscripts preserved in Bangkok. Cats came to Europe in the 19th century as the greatest gift of the King of Siam alone. Previously, they were carefully guarded against the encroachment of foreigners.

The Thai cat is an intellectual beauty. She unmistakably determines the “main” person in the family and gives him carte blanche for unlimited communication. Therefore, the Thai will wait and be sincerely happy only for this lucky man. That, however, does not prevent other members of the family also participate in the life of the cat.

The Thai cat’s talkativeness has long been a legend. Kitty will certainly comment on your every move or intention. And he will do it so nicely that it will be impossible not to respond to the mustached face.

A loving owner will soon notice that a Thai cat has its own sounds and intonation for certain situations. Therefore, very soon you will be able to understand what your beloved cat is “talking” about.

A Thai cat is one of those creatures that do not get attached to your home. You can change your place of residence every year, and your purring cat will always stay in a good mood because it has something more – a beloved person.

Toyger cat

Toyger looks like a big cat of prey only externally. On the inside, they are one of the most trouble-free pets.

Bengal and street cats were used to breed the breed, which had the gene of stripes. Due to their unique coloration, Toygers have become incredibly popular and, consequently, the price of a kitten can bite.

Toyger is an affectionate cat who likes to be given attention. But she will never get annoyed if she understands that now it is better for her to mind her own business. This kitty is absolutely not resentful. If she is punished, she will prefer to forget about the incident, but who has the guts to offend such a sweet creature?

But to say that a tiger is a coward is impossible. Any attack by congeners or other domestic animals will be met with the fury of its big brother. Also, these cats don’t understand the dangers of high altitude. Therefore, the hunt for another fly may end badly.

Toygers are very sociable. And so much so that they will not be limited to your family. All visitors to the house of friends and acquaintances will have fawned Toygerwith the same zeal. Needless to say, the tiger does not like solitude.

Scottish cat

And our hit parade is completed by one of the most popular breeds in the USA – the Scottish cat. These beauties are usually divided into two breeds: Scottish Straight and Scottish Fold – straight-eared and lop-eared.

Restraint, dignity and a certain phlegmatic attitude are the mottos of both breeds. Scottish cats know how to create comfort in the home while remaining playful and inquisitive.

A funny thing about Scots is their habit of standing on their hind legs, just like meerkats. It’s not that they like it. It’s just a way of relieving stress on the spine. Similarly, a cat can sit on its butt, hunched over and stretching out its hind legs.

Scots are aristocratic cats. They are so altruistic that it is almost impossible to get them into a conflict. They also can’t stand to be picked up. Therefore, you must respect the personal space of the animal, otherwise, you can spoil his nervous system.

All Scots without exception are eager to make contact, be it an adult or a child. They are quick to engage in games, but only when they want to. In general, you need to understand and accept that this cat, like no other, has its own opinion, which is better to reckon with than to bend your own line.

Naturally, all cats are beautiful. It is a surprisingly harmonious animal that combines proud independence and love for humans. I’ve outlined my favorite cat breed. Which one do you like?


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