In this story, we learn about Noah, a dog that was found wandering the streets of Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico, on a dreary day by a kind stranger. Sadly, many people ignored her and never offered assistance.

A rescue group called Laika saved the day by taking her in and giving her the love and attention she so desperately needed. Animal Control took the dog in for an examination and discovered several tumors, organ failure (including the dog’s heart and kidneys), and a severe case of arthritis for which there was no treatment.

She appeared to sense that she was finally safe, allowing her rescuers to give her lots of hugs and cuddles.

When Noah got gravely sick, the shelter staff realized it was her final days, so they chose to take her to the ocean to make her happy in her final moments.

Noah tragically passed away after spending her final day in the water with those who truly loved her. We pray that you are finally at peace, Noah.


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