Dogs are considered to be mammals, and they are of the felidae family. They are distinguished by their strength, multiplicity, and ability to benefit from them in many areas, such as guarding, fun, and hunting, in addition to their identification with many distinctive characteristics, such as loyalty, given their ability to identify their owner, Remember it after a long time.

Types of dogs of the world ?


This type of dog is distinguished by its agility, high speed, and loyalty to its owner, therefore it is used extensively in guarding, and it must be noted that he always feels distinguished from other types of dogs, in addition to the pride of himself.


Rottweil is a guard dog by instinct and instinct. It is known in its medium to somewhat bulky size. It is also characterized by its sharp intelligence and its need for special and distinctive treatment from its owner because it may turn into fierce dogs if its owner abuses its training or treatment.

American Akita

This species is distinguished by its large size, the difficulty of its training, and of being attacking and fierce dogs, as well as the elegance of its appearance, strength, and head similar to the bear’s head, it must be noted that it belongs to the Japanese origins, but it is found in abundance in America, and this type is preferred to live in Cold mountainous areas.


This type is similar to poly dogs in its size, as it is distinguished by its large size and its white color, knowing that it belongs to Hungarian origins, and was used by the Russians in World War II to imprison German soldiers when they entered the houses.


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