The size of ants

Ants are considered social insects and belong to the rank of Hymenoptera. The size of ants is relatively small, as the size of the ant ranges from 2 millimeters to 2 and the text of milliliters. Ants have an oval abdomen with a small waist and the head size is large compared to the size of the body. The things that he wants to carry as the ants use these two jaws for digging, in addition to the outer jaws there are internal jaws at the ants in order to chew food, and the ant’s head contains a brain through which you can think and make the necessary calculations and sound the alarm in the event of any attack as the head contains two horns A slogan, as for the legs of the ants, they are also equipped with bristles to protect and help them walk. The ant’s body consists of six legs ending with claws. As for the mouth of the ant, it contains a substance in order to help it convert food into a liquid state by mixing it with digestive juices through its tongue.

Ants are living organisms that live in groups and it is similar to that of bees who live in groups called the beehive. The ants live in groups and the group is called the colony and the colony’s composition varies because it can be a small colony so that several ants form only a colony and it may be large So it is made up of millions of ants, and mostly ant colonies are made up of working ants, which are ants that cannot mate and in return they collect food and defend the colony in addition to caring for young ants.


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