What is the snake?

The snake is a creeping animal, belongs to the lizards and is classified as Squamata, which is characterized by its lengthy body and tail. Urinary, and snakes are known as predators, some of which secrete a toxic substance, and it is worth noting that the method of reproduction of snakes is eggs

What is the snake’s voice?

The voice of the snake is called Hissing, and it is considered a warning device for the animals that may threaten it as if it delivers a message to the animals to stay away from them, the Hissing is released from the snake as a result of the air passing in and out of the mouth of the snake, as well as through its nose, and unlike humans, the snakes are unable to make many sounds and tongue Who remains outside is not involved at all in making sounds out of snakes, just as snakes are not able to form their mouths, so they are not able to make different sounds.


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