What is a pets ?

A pet is an animal that a person maintains as a kind of companionship and entertainment, and the history of keeping pets dates back to prehistoric times, and it is believed that the dog was the first animal that was domesticated by man. The purpose of raising pets varies from person to person, some raise them only for the sake of amusement and companionship, and some may raise them for guarding, hunting, grazing and guarding livestock, for hunting insects and rats, for enjoying the beauty of animals, or for engaging in races. History events are not without the use of pets as a source of food when other food sources become scarce.

Pets types ?

There are many animals that we all know as pets, but this list may include some animals that may be surprised when describing them as pets, but we must not forget that there are those who love to acquire everything that is strange and out of the ordinary, and pets are no exception to For him, some may be tempted to raise tigers, monkeys, or crocodiles, but most of these animals are destined to die for lack of the appropriate environment and food for them, or they are donated to zoos, and pets can be divided according to where they are raised.

  • household pets
  • vivarium pets
  • aquarium pets
  • cage pets
  • Paddock pets


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