What is Corona virus?

Corona has a large group of viruses that share some features among them, including having crown appendages, and the word corona in Latin means the crown, hence these viruses are called corona viruses, and it is worth explaining that these viruses usually affect the respiratory tract of infected people, leading to their suffering From different health problems, these range from suffering from common colds to more serious health conditions, such as pneumonia, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory Syndrom, and MERS in short, and this may affect The digestive system, and in fact, the Corona virus was discovered for the first time in 1960, and approximately 15-30% of all cases of the Corona virus caused suffering from colds, although most of the cases of Corona virus are in the winter and early spring, except That there are many cases of infection during the other seasons of the year, and it is worth noting that the person who is infected with the Corona virus may be infected again and perhaps the second infection was within a few months, and this is due to two factors, while the first factor is that the Corona virus has many types, and the antibody The body forms to counteract a type of virus Corona may not be effective in the face of other corona viruses, and the second factor is that antibodies generated in the body will not remain for a long time, which allows infection again, and in this context a new type known as the new corona virus 2019 is indicated and that was in December 2019 In China.

Corona virus prevention

Corona virus can be prevented by following some procedures, including the following:
1- Wash hands with soap and water well, or with a wash that contains no less than 60% of alcohol if soap is not available.
2- Clean the surfaces exposed to sweat, saliva, or stool, or any of the infected secretions well, using gloves that are disposed of immediately upon completion of the cleaning.
3- Wearing a surgical muzzle covering the mouth and nose when entering the rooms of those infected with the virus

There is source talk about the effect of the virus on animals : https://fiverpet.com/animals-and-coronavirus-disease-covid-19/



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