The bat is classified as a mammal because its female gives birth to its young offspring, and there are about 1000 varieties of bats, and it lives around the globe except for the poles. The bat is the only mammal that is able to fly, so this unique feature distinguishes it from the rest of the mammals.

Bat classification

The bat belongs to its own rank, the Chiroptera, or the winged hands, which in turn are divided into two factions, the major and minor.

Bat Migration

The bats that live in Asia and Europe migrate, so their members leave their habitats in the winter and move to warmer places. Some other types of bats, such as the red and big gray bats, migrate from their habitats in Canada and the northern United States to spend the winter in the states of Georgia, South Carolina and Florida.

Bat reproduction

A female bat gives birth to one young person per year, and young children are usually born in the months of May and June, the bat raises its young within colonies, and a few of them raise their young ones alone, the young begin to learn to fly when their age is between 2-4 weeks.


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