Husky dog is the collective name of several breeds bred in the northern regions. In the past, dogs were used for sledding. Now it is more of a tourist attraction, as cars have long ago taken over the development of the north. So what kind of dog is it? Why do most people like it so much? Read the article and you will learn all about it!

Husky breed history

Beware! In the dog breed Siberian Husky, you can fall in love at first sight! This is because we are humans, born and raised in cities among asphalt and concrete, while the Husky is a child of wildlife, the embodiment of nature. Bred among the endless snow, the breed was used by northern peoples as a sled dog. Homeland huskies – the north of Russia, Siberia. Huskies are also very good-natured. It’s not a protector or a guard dog. If you want a dog with a meaner temperament, choose a German Shepherd or a Doberman.

Husky portrait

Not only that, this dog lived in the house together with the owners. It was put to bed with children so that it could warm the children with the warmth of its body. Of course, the husky was treated as a member of the family.

The Far North has been actively explored since about the 17th century. That’s when the discoverers came across this dog. Dog riding took a fancy to it and began to develop. In addition, there was a “gold rush” in America and Americans were happy to export Siberian Huskies through the Far East.

The North is a natural environment for huskies

The dog has perfectly proved itself both to gold miners and representatives of the Russian Empire with its qualities. Strong and brave, companionable, strong, clever, and undemanding in cold conditions – these are the main advantages of the breed. In Alaska, thanks to the speed of the sled dogs, the city was even saved from epidemics. And during World War II as rescuers, they had no equal.

The expression on a husky’s “face” can range from kind and sweet to goofy and menacing

The Siberian Husky, as an official breed, appeared in 1934 thanks to American dog breeders who “legalized” this Siberian wonder.

Husky characteristic: description of the dog

What does a husky dog look like? This is a medium-sized animal with a beautiful coat and thick undercoat, so you can’t do without a brush at home. This dog does not smell like other dogs, which makes it a welcome pet at home.

  • Husky male dogs have a height at withers of up to 0.6 m and weigh up to 28 kg.
  • Female Husky is shorter – up to 0.56 m and weighs up to 23 kg
Concerned about something.

Dogs that are too tall, too short, too fat or too thin are rejected in show events, whereas these parameters are not important in racing. Which, of course, doesn’t stop them from being beloved pamperers in your home.

Yes, the smell of huskies is almost imperceptible, but if you live in the local area with hot summers, most likely, the dog will have to cool off under the shower. And then the smell might intensify for a short time. But as the pet dries out, it will return to normal.

A big-eyed husky

The Husky has a medium-sized head with triangular ears, a high neck and a broad and powerful chest. The eyes are almond-shaped, blue or brown. Divergent-eyed Huskies are also part of the breed standard. The tail resembles a fox. Without creases and twists in a calm state. The movements of the dog are light and graceful.

Husky puppy

The husky’s exterior is well adapted to life in the north, so they can get hot in warmer regions. Huskies need to get used to trimming, otherwise, they’ll suffer from the heat in summer and you’ll suffer from their ubiquitous hair.

Husky Character

An adult Husky is an intellectual pretender. In any case, the dog is well aware of what is wanted from it and understands everything, but whether it will do what is wanted from it is a big question. In contrast to other breeds, trained to follow orders according to training instructions, the Husky takes the decision on its own. And one day it may turn out that obeying your commands is not in his plans. To prevent this from happening, you need to build a relationship from an early age in order to have a loyal companion. Otherwise, the Husky will be on his own.

And the Husky also needs a lot of walking. After all, it is a working sled dog that has been working hard for hundreds of years carrying a Chukchi carcass.

Keeping huskies in an apartment will lead to two consequences:

  • Your apartment will turn into a barn because your dog will need somewhere to expend his energy. His howls may amuse the neighbors at first, but you’ll start to get stares later.
  • You’ll recuperate from hours of outings with your woolly pet. And your flat and your neighbors’ nervous systems will be fine.

No kidding: the best condition for keeping huskies is a private home. But even there you can not relax, because the dog will stick its nose everywhere, and what the good, will dig under the fence, which can easily jump over.

At the same time, the dog is very friendly and gets along well with the children. It has an ineradicable hunting instinct, but it will never bring prey. By the way, the Husky can hunt smaller dogs. The reason is very simple: while it’s winter in the tundra, dogs are fed, but in spring they are released and have to rely only on themselves. So there are habits on a genetic level. So it is necessary to be always on the alert.

Oh, he’s a beauty!

In any case, if you are going to get such a beautiful and extraordinary dog, you should thoroughly prepare for the event.

Grey Husky
Ginger husky
Color:Gray, Gray with White, Black, Black with White, Black with Red Tans, Copper Red, White
Weight:Females weigh 16-23 kg, males – 20-27 kg
Lifetime:12 – 15 years
The average price of puppies:From 1000 US $
Other names:Husky
Dignity:Huskies have a calm and peaceful disposition. They’re emotional, and it’s very funny. Such a pet will be a great friend and companion for a person. Representatives of this breed are distinguished by a strong backbone and a proportional physique. Thanks to the double thick coat, they easily tolerate frost.
Features of the content:The dog can be kept in the house – with proper care, it practically does not exude a smell. It is important to comb it regularly. Since the breed is adapted to intense physical exertion, it is advisable to arrange joint jogs for it to maintain shape. Huskies love communication, so they need to be brought out into society more often.
Temperament:Reasonable, friendly, sociable and independent
Fun fact:In 1925, balto’s sled dog transported a diphtheria vaccine in a sled several hundred miles away, saving the city from possible death.

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