Are Cheetah tongues feel like sandpaper ?

Does it hurt when they lick you ? these are the kind of questions That We Will answer

but first here’s how I would describe the sensation , first buy a piece of tin grit sandpaper, the tin grips harder to come by because most things will grind down with less the lower the grit rating the rougher the surface, sandpaper grit chart a reading from 20 to 30 handles most tough jobs , a sandpaper rating of 20 or below is off the charts 10 grit grade , sandpaper is about how I would describe the feeling of a cheetah grooming it, but you’d have to add one more thing hundreds and hundreds of tiny sharp teeth all pointed backwards , you take these tiny shark teeth and you glue them to the ten grit sandpaper all you rub this against your skin against the grain and that’s about how it feels.

They cover about 95% of the surface of Cheetah tongue they’re hard and sharp and composed of a substance called keratin , the same thing in our fingernails , and cheetah claws the spines in the front are longer than the ones in the back for grooming purposes, the spines can point upward or lay flat based on the position of the tongue scientists are actually using the anatomy of a cat’s tongue to build a better hairbrush,

All cats tongues have spikes on them the little sharp backwards-pointing fingernails basically and the design is to lick basically meat off .


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