How to feed dogs?

The type of food provided to dogs varies according to the size and age of the dog, so the amount of food to be provided to a dog of small size differs from the large, and age also plays a major role in determining the type of dog food.

Small puppies

The process of feeding newborn puppies in the first three months needs careful care. The breeder must start converting the puppy from the diet of mother’s milk to the puppy’s diet gradually and regularly by removing him for short periods of time then long from his mother.

The importance of this step Is making the puppy gradually move away from the care of the mother. This process is called weaning, It is best to start It in the third or fourth week.

Adult dogs

Adult dogs should have enough food to meet their energy needs and replace body cells and tissues. The amount of food provided to the dog must be proportional to its size and energy so that it does not exceed its need and causes diseases caused by the accumulation of fat, and not less than its needs, and it causes wasting and weakening. The dog’s activity varies according to its type and movement, so the breeder must determine the amount of food sufficient for his dog’s body.

The amount of food required for the dog can be determined from the veterinarian, and this amount may increase in the winter, or when the dog is carrying out an additional activity, or if he is infected with a disease. It is usually recommended to provide two meals per day for an adult dog, with a time period of between 8-10 hours. This method helps control animal behavior


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