Inside a coalition of cheetahs, there’s typically a leader one that is bold brave and smart an elder in many circumstances, the hierarchy occurs naturally in a coalition of wild male cheetahs female cheetahs are solitary in the wild , but they create hierarchies in the captive environment, they display dominance and there’s a clear leader

in nature you want your leaders to be smart than wise for survival’s sake, cuddling and snuggling is a survival trait for cheetahs and many animals that live together, it’s because you conserve energy by sharing body warm

The answer

so yes cheetahs are just like house cats , they prefer warm soft comforting blankets cushiony pillows and a warm body, they prefer that over a hard cold, but the whole reason for that is natural it’s about the conservation of energy, some of the food these cheetahs eat is used to maintain their body temperature, maintaining it costs energy, this is the survival behavior than many animals exhibit in a wild.


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