Cat-transmitted diseases


Toxoplasma is a parasitic disease that is transmitted to cats when eating rodents or insects, or contact with infected cats, as it is transmitted to humans through contact with infected cats or touching their faeces without washing hands, eating contaminated fruits and vegetables caused by the disease, or eating raw meat, and its seriousness also shows that it may It causes a miscarriage of a pregnant woman, the birth of a dead child, or serious health problems for the injured fetus, and it is reported that those who have a strong immune system do not need treatment, as the disease disappears by itself, in addition to the availability of medicines to treat weakened immunity.

Cat health problems


Flea infection is common in external cats, a problem that may cause anemia in cats if it continues for a period without treatment, as treatment of these conditions includes oral medications, foams, powders, and topical treatments


Cats develop diarrhea due to several reasons, including:
Contaminated food, intestinal parasites, allergies, etc. The infection period may range from days to weeks and months, and the cat must be taken to the vet when diarrhea lasts for more than a day. Besides not feeding him for no more than 12-24 hours.


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