Man and cat have been walking hand in hand for many thousands of years. Archaeologists have found cat figurines that are 9,500 years old. For a long time, breeding has been happening on its own, cat breeds were changing one after another meanwhile, humans used cats themselves mainly to hunt rodents

Over time, human intervention has led to hybridization on almost all continents, with different natural cat breeds appearing for each geographic area. Some cat species are variations of a particular breed, for example, the Balinese cat is a variation of the Siamese breed.

5 different types of cats with examples of breeds

  • Oriental (Oriental) type: slender body, long and triangular head shape, almond-shaped eyes, large ears, long nose, long tail, long legs. Examples of this cat type: are American Shorthair cat, Siamese cat, and Balinese cat.
  • Foreign. Named as an uncharacteristic type for UK cats. The body shape is less slender than the Oriental type, but the figure is quite athletic. The cat has a long tail, long legs, large ears, and almond-shaped eyes. Example breeds of cats of this type with photos can be seen below: Turkish Angora, Abyssinian cat, Russian Blue, and Somali.
  • Semi-foreign: Less slender build or even broader than the foreign type. Examples of this type of cat include Devon Rex, Egyptian Mau, Havana Brown, Munchkin, and Sphynx.
  • Semi-Cobby: streamlined body shape with a round wide head, and short legs. Examples of this type of cat: are British Shorthair, Scottish Lop, and Singaporean.

  • Cobby: Short, muscular, compact with rounded eyes and head. Small ears, a short nose, short tail are characteristic of this type of cat. Examples of this type of cat are the Persian cat, Maine cat, Himalayan cat, Exotic shorthair, and Burmese cat.

Cats have long been a mystery to us. They have taken their honorable position in the human world: they decorate our homes and bring us countless hours of joy, warmth and comfort.

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