if you were to dip your finger in yogurt and offer it to your cat, chances are they would lap it up, however just because a cat can eat yogurt doesn’t necessarily mean they should, we ask can we give yogurt to cats?

Can i give my cat yogurt ?


as you know, yogurt is a product derived from milk, although it comes from animals usually cow’s milk, it’s not animal tissue like meat it won’t offer your cat the essential nutrients they derive from meat.

although less so than milk, other dairy products such as yogurt and cheese contain a type of sugar known as lactose, adult cats struggle to digest lactose, unlike kittens which are able to do so up to three months of life, once the weaning period is over, the vast majority of cats will stop producing lactase the enzyme used to break down lactose, This can lead to digestive difficulties.

while a small amount may be asymptomatic, most may develop flatulence abdominal discomfort bloating vomiting and diarrhea, this is because adult cats don’t need milk and dairy to survive, there are some exceptions with stipulations.

yogurt suitable for cats, natural yogurt is the least harmful for felines and may even provide some benefit in terms of bacterial balance, these are known as probiotics and can help transform lactic acid but it will depend on the individual cat. however, they can still only ingest a small amount and it needs to be free from any artificial preservatives or flavorings, contain no sweeteners and have little to no fat, benefits of yogurt for cats choosing a good natural yogurt may have some benefits to cats in limited quantities.

yogurt is a source of calcium which is essential for bone metabolism, yogurt can also facilitate digestion and gastrointestinal transit, helping cats to prevent the accumulation of hairballs, this is a very positive hidden benefit since hairballs can damage a cat’s health if they build up, yogurt also provides nutrients such as magnesium vitamins B, A, and D, as well as phosphorus and iron, it can help relieve digestive disorders, although giving too much can induce them.

How To Give yogurt to a Cat ?

The best way to give your cat some yogurt, is to offer it directly with a spoon as a treat or snack, you can leave a little in the yogurt container, but this is not recommended, this is because the edges can be sharp and the cat may get it in their eyes.

Finally, we must remember that yogurt should never be given as the main food, and not even several times a week it can only be offered one to two times a week tops.


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