Bees are an insect that carries many benefits to humans, as it supplies it with one of the most important foods, which is honey, which is used as a treatment for many diseases.

Man has known about bees since ancient times when the most famous type, which is honeybees, was used to obtain honey and wax.

Bees mainly feed on flower nectar, as this nectar supplies it with protein and different foodstuffs, and at the same time bees pollinate different flowers when they move from one flower to another.

The bees live in cooperative cells, each of which knows its job and performs it perfectly. The cell consists of three main individuals, the queen, the male, and the worker. The male function is to perform the female vaccination process in order to obtain new individuals, while the female task is only laying eggs and caring for them, while the female workers are the most active and vital individuals where they perform all other functions, and the female workers function differs depending on their age and their position in the cell.


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