Food that must be avoided for the dog in order not to be hurt or poisoned, the most important of which are :

Garlic and onions

The dog should not be fed these fruits at all, because they contain toxic and harmful substances that his digestive system cannot get rid of, and because it may cause severe damage to his red blood cells.


Grapes should be avoided, even dried (raisins), because they are poisonous to the dog, as it can cause kidney failure.


It is necessary to avoid them, especially the white ones, as well as cocoa of all kinds and products. It contains a substance called methylxanthines that causes dogs to diarrhea and vomiting and has a high heart rate.


Any type of caffeinated beverage, such as tea, coffee, etc., may cause your dog to have a heart attack.


Any alcohol consumption in relation to the dog, even if in a very small amount, will cause serious poisoning directly.


You should try to avoid sugar as much as possible of all kinds, whether industrial or even natural, and all the products that are available in a large percentage, such as soft drinks, creamy sweets, etc., as this leads to a failure in the dog’s organs.


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