If your dog has a predilection for licking hands, it’s good to know that this is usually normal canine behavior, FiverPet explains more by sharing the reasons why dogs lick your hands.

1. They love you

One of the reasons a dog licks your hand is to demonstrate the emotional bond they feel towards their human Guardian, a load is not quite the same as a kiss, as we humans understand, if they do know that it is a behavior we often enjoy, so they continue doing foreign.

2. They want to get your attention

This reason is closely related to the previous, if your dog thinks you like being lit, they will do so, whenever they want to get your attention.

3. They are afraid of you

When the lick is weak and cautious, it can also mean they are afraid of you, as it is a sign of submission.

4. They are cleaning you

Dogs are highly clean animals, they clean themselves by licking. If you have unclean hands, your dog may lick them clean as a display of appreciation for you.

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5. Wake you up

If you have fallen asleep and your dog needs something such as some exercise, they may try to gently wake you by licking your hand face, or ears. As you can see, hand licking in dogs has various reasons and is not a good metric to use to evaluate the emotional involvement of a dog with her human companion.

a dog that licks their Handler’s hands may have a very strong bond with them, but we can’t assume a dog that doesn’t lick their hands is not happy with their Human family.

How to prevent my dog from licking my hands

Letting your dog lick your hands can promote poor hygiene, and it might be related to feelings of stress if they do it too often. Since it is a learned behavior it can be difficult to reverse but is rarely impossible, we shouldn’t punish them for it. This type of reprimand will be confusing and can lead to other behavioral problems. It’s best to use positive reinforcement to gradually redirect.

this behavior in any way, equally neither should we punish them for it, this type of reprimand will be confusing and can lead to other behavioral problems, it’s best to use positive reinforcement to gradually redirect this Behavior.

if your dog continues to lick your hands after this time you should speak to a professional canine ethologist.

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