We all think our dog is the most beautiful in the world, and we’re not going to try to convince you otherwise, they all have their own unique characteristics and qualities, but some have physical attributes which give them a very particular look, some of these are DOGS That Look Like LIONS. a group we share with you now in this new FiverPet Article


It’s common to find this dog with an abundant mane surrounding their entire head just like the king of the jungle, not only their mane but their largemouth and hefty body means they can often be mistaken for a lion, many specimens have a camel or beige colored coat completing the lion likeness.


This is a stout body dog wide and a little bulky, their coat also has a fluffy mane giving them a lion look, other characteristics which add to this appearance are their small rounded ears and a short flat slide.


This breed is the result of crosses between the chow chow Norwegian alkyne and the samoid, the result is a dog that looks like a silver chow chow with somewhat more pointed ears, they are a medium-sized dog with a long dense coat even longer in the facial area creating the similarity to the lion.

4-LOWCHEN Or Little Lion Dog

Of course, the little lion dog is going to make an appearance on our list, although we can see them with a long coat it’s most common to see them with a lion cut, a cut where their hair is shortened everywhere except the head the tail and the feet.


Although the Pomeranian is much smaller than a lion, they share similar traits between them, for example, Pomeranians have longer coat hairs surrounding the facial area, giving them the image of a miniature lion, despite the similarity in coat their nervous and playful character differentiates them significantly from the wild feline.


Did you know that the Shih Tzu translates to lion dog in Chinese, in fact, they were specifically bred to resemble the big cat, they are originally from the Tibet region where they worked as a guard dog for houses and families, they were able to enhance the lion look through controlled breed crosses, in Chinese culture the lion represents fierceness and strength, good traits for a dog which was used to protect some of the most valuable spaces.


A large molosser breed they are known for their long coat which most commonly presents in yellow or sandy color, not only do they resemble lions they are very agile despite their enormous size, they move with ease at high speed quite surprising in such a huge dog.


This breed can look like a miniature lion especially when the hair and their body are trimmed to leave a much longer and prominent mane, their temperament is also lion, as they are a small dog with a fairly strong character.


Although their robust appearance coat color and size may resemble those of a lion, they are not at all a liken character, the caucasian shepherd dog is one of the calmest kindest, and most loving breeds.


this breed of dog can also look like a lion, this is due to their fur which is quite dense especially long and thick around their head, they also have a tail covered with long fur and very expressive brown eyes.


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